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Metaverse Builder | Digital Content Creator | Educator


Zoe Anna Vanezis is a Parsons AAS Fashion Design 2021 graduate with a previous Bachelor degree in Psychology from the University of Bath. This combination led to a determination to question the potential of the human condition, as seen in her thesis collection: Dreamt in Abundance, which was selected to be a part of the CFDA Fashion Futures Graduate Showcase of 2021. 

She is now a Specialist Technician in 3D Visualisation at Central Saint Martins where she expands her digital expertise, developing skills in CLO3D, Maya, Blender, Adobe Substance, Unreal Engine and Houdini, and shares this knowledge with students across various different courses, in order to help shape future digital creatives.  Zoe has used her skills to create characters and costumes and environments for independent game developers, build virtual wardrobe samples for stylists, and created digital animations and products for use in the metaverse.

I am a Metaverse Builder, Digital Content Creator,  and Educator. 

The Team

Lessie Barron

Creative Director

Tanya Carr

Design Director

Rey Mills

Motion Artist

Selected Clients

- Laybox


- Laural

- Vuite

- Tunetone

- PopHop

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