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Zoe Anna Vanezis

Featured Projects


As CXO and part of the Nucleus team for Alanatheweb3girl, I lead the process of turning our team's designs for the digital avatar's home into an interactive experience in Unreal Engine 5. It travelled to both the Tech Adventures Festival in Glasgow (2022) and at NFT.NYC in New York (2022). 

Screenshot 2022-02-05 at 17.27.48.png

Dreamt in Abundance

Dreamt in Abundance is based on the realities of memory and loss. It sits in a virtual environment in Unreal Engine, allowing a practical stroll down memory lane. Much like remembering a loved one, this exploration can become a sensory experience. 

Summer of Unreal

Expanding on my understanding and integration of Unreal Engine 5 for both animations and the creation of metaverse experiences I was a part of the Summer of Unreal 2022, producing a 15 second animation. 


Client Examples

Working for clients on their digital collections I turned the conceptual ideas into 3D assets in the form of animations, a digital material library, and a 3D environment.

AW Pattern 2.jpg

Wonderland: Originally Yours

A digital fashion collection based around the concepts of Wonderland with print designs based on digitized versions of physical sketches.

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